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Shop Your Closet

One of the services I provide is called 'Shop Your Closet', and by this I mean truly go through your closet like its a boutique before venturing out for more items to appease your wardrobe urges. You'll be amazed at what you find and may get excited about a piece of clothing you forgot about all over again.

Trust me this is a struggle for me as well. I love fashion, shopping, and trying just a few of the latest trends. I can easily get caught up in the hot looks of the season, or going on a treasure hunt for that perfect thing that will gratify me forever. Whether that be a piece of jewelry I saw on a magazine cover, or the shoes my favorite celebrity was wearing. So what is the solution, are we destined to be "Never Satisfied" (cue the song lyric from the Hamilton soundtrack!).

Let me tell you it is a journey everyday to be mindful of this pursuit of happiness through shopping. This is especially true when this temporary gratification is a click away.

The best way to go about this is to first do a 'Closet Edit'. Even better hire a professional or grab a friend and go through every item in your closet-does it fit? do I love it? do I wear it? Discard items that don't belong and donate them to charity or sell them through consignment. (see 'Closet Edit')

Post closet edit, start pulling outifits together with your remaining items. Grab accessories, shoes, jewelry and piece together looks you may have not considered. Again, this is much easier with a professional or other partner. Take photos of the outfits if that helps, there are apps such as 'Stylebook' that can help you organize this if thats something you think would be beneficial.

Fashion entices us with shiny new 'must haves' each season. If your a person that likes to follow trends, you'd be amazed that you may already own a similar faux leather pant, cool blazer, and a chunky boot. Pull these from your closet and place them in a 'curated outfits of the season' section in the front of your closet.

Finally, strategize your shopping. I like to create Pinterest boards of items I would love to buy each season, year, or items I realize I'm missing from my wardrobe. I even do this for Holiday shopping. I then try not to defer from this list. When I see something on sale, or an item I think I want to purchase, I check my board. Realize you don't own the perfect black pant? put it on your board and don't settle until you find the perfect pair.

Invest in your wardrobe, control mindless shopping, be satisfied.

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